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2016:- I had a baby
2017:- I had ANOTHER baby

Now my intention was to start this blog last year when I was on maternity leave. However, time really does just fly and before I knew it I was back at work.

Now I have 2 under 2 and even less time, yeah seems like a perfect time to commit to “blogging”. I, of course had this great idea at around 1.37am, (and then again at 3.06am and again at 5.19am) because who among us doesn’t have their best ideas in the middle of the night whilst feeding their young?!?

I wondered a few years ago whether I should start a blog. I was young and carefree and my trials and tribulations with online dating were certainly worth sharing. They were beyond hilarious and I wish i had put them on “paper” back then so I could actually recall them. Right now they are jumbled in the salad spinner i have left as a brain. Which is such a shame because those fleeting memories nearly had me and the girlies wetting ourselves, back when peeing our pants wasn’t actually something we had to worry about.

6 years, 1 husband, 1 mortgage and 2 kids later those antics are well and truly a thing of the past. As is staying awake past 9pm!

So here we are baby bears and mama, taking each day as it comes. Me and the boy bears will attempt to sharing our little adventures, be they outside or at home, watching our 100th episode of paw patrol.



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