Hello November

It has been weeks since I have blogged anything. I really need to allow myself time each day to do so but with 2 under 2 time is a very precious thing.

Rafe is now 10 weeks old. I honestly do not know where those 10 weeks have gone. I have just been in a whirlwind of post labour pain, coupled with sleep deprivation and sore nipples. With just 18 months between my boys I can barely remember what day of the week it is let alone remember to blog.

Thankfully the worst of it is over and I am coming out of the “fourth trimester” alive. With most of my brain cells still relatively functioning. Functioning enough to get me up and out of bed each morning to the kettle. I find that I am constantly caffeinated now. Something which I completely avoided during pregnancy as that was the only thing that made me feel nauseous.

My body is still recovering. Although my “wooha” escaped a fate worse than death (only had a second degree tear this time compared to a third degree with my first), my pelvis is still clicking and weak. I am constantly having to remind myself to squeeeeeze my pelvic floor. Funnily enough whenever I do I always end up needing the loo as a result. Not sure if that means the exercises are working or not?!??? And my poor poor stomach muscles have separated to full 4 finger gap, apparently one of the side effects of having 2 pregnancies so close together.

I don’t mind though, I have 2 beautiful little boys. My body gave me 2 beautiful boys, which considering I have Endometriosis, I am beyond thankful. My husband still refers to me as his Goddess so if he can still worship me I can certainly find a way to love my body and my new stripes.

I almost can’t believe it is November. I have been in such a newborn bubble that I didn’t realise that my Summer baby is about to experience his first winter. At just 10 weeks he has already outgrown all the 0-3 month clothes I had for him. So 3-6 months clothes are currently in the washing machine ready to be poonami’d all over in the coming weeks.

I have been off work for the best part of 4 months now so really time I start to reclaim some me time and start organising myself.

I WILL blog something each day. Purely for myself to look back on. Stanley was born last year and find myself questioning whether he did this or that as my brain is soo fried I cant remember. At least this way I should be able to recall something when I am trying to settle a parenting debate with my husband 😊😊😊.

With both boys asleep and the hubby playing golf I am going to enjoy a quick cup of tea before someone wakes up and needs feeding.

Oooooh shit… too late. The baby is awake…🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

#newborn #newbornbubble #fourthtrimester #postpartum #postpartumbody #babybrain


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