Third trimester belly

So its been 6 weeks, its about time i put up some pregnancy vs postpartum pics. Here i am at 35 weeks, 39 weeks, 41 weeks pregnant and then 1 day postpartum. 6 weeks have flown by since my baby bear entered the world. I was full term during the height of the summer, swollen beyond belief and carrying a hell of a lot of baby and water weight. I felt gross and nasty but looking back my body is amazing! I have been able to carry 2 babies despite having a dodgy ticker and #endometriosis

At just 5ft and a husband of 6ft4, my baby was on the 98th centile. I had a very quick labour where I didnt even push, there iuuwas literally no space and he just came out all on his own. My birth story will be up on my blog this afternoon (link in bio).

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