Last night I went out! 4 weeks since Rafe entered the world and I went out! No Husband, no kids, just me!

I didnt pluck my eyebrows or bleach my moustache and I’m pretty sure I had some unwashed shampoo in my hair but I went OUT!

I managed it out the front door out only 5 minutes later than I had planned but I made it out the warm fuzzy confines of the house. Walking to the car was oddly unsettling. I had only one bag, an actual handbag, and no children attached to any of my limbs!

It felt liberating! However that feeling lasted just under 5 minutes. By the time I was driving to Canterbury I was debating whether I really wanted to go to the theatre. The tickets for which had been purchased 18 months previously.

I sat through an amazing production of Warhorse, while picturing my baby bears little cheeks and missing having him curled up like a prawn on my shoulder.

Then I started to debate whether my husband could handle both the boys for bedtime. Especially after a long day at work. Who am I kidding, they will be fine. He will of course have heard every word I said when I was giving him my “handover”.

I was wrong! I came home to a baby who was still in a vest for bed and his sleepsuit was on the bed, exactly where I left it. Great, that meant I would have to dress a hungry baby at 1.30am! Joy!

Nevertheless, I went out! I smelt the fresh country air walking to the car! I saw my friends and had a great time.

I went OUT!


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