The dreaded lurgy

All last week I was flirting with a cold. I think it was Tuesday I started to feel quite bunged up. I took some tablets, sucked on my lemon juice water (via a straw) and just cracked on. By Thursday, Stanley was starting to come down with it. He woke up covered in dried snot. And by Saturday, Rafe had also come down with it.

My flirting with the cold has turned into a full on Man flu situation. With my nose and throat causing drama. Stanley has had some restless nights and unfortunately Rafe is such a light sleeper that if Stanley cries, he wakes the baby.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted. Rafe isn’t doing too badly for a 10 week old baby. His nose isn’t running but I can hear the mucus. And he is still drinking fine despite having a cough aswell.

We had a pyjama day on Saturday and while Stanley napped we finished

watching Stranger Things.

Last year the hubby and I watched the entire series over 2 days. Once we started watching we couldn’t stop. This year it has taken the best part of a week.

In all honesty, I don’t think the second series was as good as the first, it was still very good just not as good. There was a good amount of 80s nostalgia like Season 1. The Ghostbusters reference was on point, especially when Mike and Lucas are arguing over who should be Winston. I most enjoyed the fact that Mikey from the Goonies was cast as Joyces’ boyfriend. Casting the main character from one of the most iconic films from the 80s was a very clever way to throw it back to the 80s with a subtle little nod.

In season one we didn’t really get to see much of Will, eventhough the plot revolved around his disappearance. I was pleasantly surprised to see his acting in this season and he did not disappoint.

I made the mistake of checking IMDB before we started watching and as a result in my head I thought there were 10 episodes. So when all the shit started going down in episode 9, I enjoyed it, but I was still hanging on to the notion that it wasn’t the end. As a result I didn’t fully enjoy the finale. I think I am going to have to watch the final episode again so that I can take it all in and enjoy it like it deserves.

I don’t want to give anything away to those of you who haven’t watched it so I wont go into too much detail. It is definitely worth a watch and I am very much looking forward to see what happens next. It has been renewed for another 2 seasons so not only will we get to see how the story ends, we will also get to watch these bright young stars grow up and develop as actors.

Both times we have watched Stranger Things I have been on maternity leave. As I don’t plan on having any more babies I can guarantee that I will not be maternity leave for season 3. Sad sad times ☹️☹️☹️

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Hello November

It has been weeks since I have blogged anything. I really need to allow myself time each day to do so but with 2 under 2 time is a very precious thing.

Rafe is now 10 weeks old. I honestly do not know where those 10 weeks have gone. I have just been in a whirlwind of post labour pain, coupled with sleep deprivation and sore nipples. With just 18 months between my boys I can barely remember what day of the week it is let alone remember to blog.

Thankfully the worst of it is over and I am coming out of the “fourth trimester” alive. With most of my brain cells still relatively functioning. Functioning enough to get me up and out of bed each morning to the kettle. I find that I am constantly caffeinated now. Something which I completely avoided during pregnancy as that was the only thing that made me feel nauseous.

My body is still recovering. Although my “wooha” escaped a fate worse than death (only had a second degree tear this time compared to a third degree with my first), my pelvis is still clicking and weak. I am constantly having to remind myself to squeeeeeze my pelvic floor. Funnily enough whenever I do I always end up needing the loo as a result. Not sure if that means the exercises are working or not?!??? And my poor poor stomach muscles have separated to full 4 finger gap, apparently one of the side effects of having 2 pregnancies so close together.

I don’t mind though, I have 2 beautiful little boys. My body gave me 2 beautiful boys, which considering I have Endometriosis, I am beyond thankful. My husband still refers to me as his Goddess so if he can still worship me I can certainly find a way to love my body and my new stripes.

I almost can’t believe it is November. I have been in such a newborn bubble that I didn’t realise that my Summer baby is about to experience his first winter. At just 10 weeks he has already outgrown all the 0-3 month clothes I had for him. So 3-6 months clothes are currently in the washing machine ready to be poonami’d all over in the coming weeks.

I have been off work for the best part of 4 months now so really time I start to reclaim some me time and start organising myself.

I WILL blog something each day. Purely for myself to look back on. Stanley was born last year and find myself questioning whether he did this or that as my brain is soo fried I cant remember. At least this way I should be able to recall something when I am trying to settle a parenting debate with my husband 😊😊😊.

With both boys asleep and the hubby playing golf I am going to enjoy a quick cup of tea before someone wakes up and needs feeding.

Oooooh shit… too late. The baby is awake…🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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The 2am Mums Club

Just when I was starting to get cocky after 3 good nights, we have a night like last night. Two feeds and whole load of fussing in between. Its my fault really our feeding schedule kind of went out the window yesterday as he was cluster feeding. Not sure why, maybe it was the pressure of turning 7 weeks old 😂. It was all made better at 5am when I went to answer his cries and he smiled me up at me 😊😊. Made my heart swell and instantly my sleep deprivation was forgotten. Plus how cute is this little @babygapcocalifornia bodysuit #cute #babygap #bestillmyheart #babyboy #newborn #babybear #7weeksold #honestmotherhood #mumlife #mombie #bossbabe #bossmum #parenting #parenthood #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #maternityleave #l4l #mummyblogger #blogger #mumlife #momlife #coffeemama #motherofboys #tiredmama #ig_motherhood #mamabear

Messy hair don’t care

Been up since 3.40am. The house is a mess, my hair hasn’t been brushed since Saturday night and I have baby vomit stains on my bra. But its ok because my usual tesco delivery guy didn’t bat an eye lid.

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Postpartum belly

2 weeks postpartum vs 6 weeks postpartum. My stomach has really come back down. Now to try and focus on my postpartum weight loss. My body is weak and the sleep deprivation is second to none so i am not foing to rush myself. My goal is to lose a stone by #christmas and then another stone by the time i go back to work. Little and often should do the trick #mummyblogger #mum #mummytummy #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumjourney #weightloss #like4like #blogtober #mombie #fatloss #goals #motherhood #mumlife #honestmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #bossbabe #bossmum

Third trimester belly

So its been 6 weeks, its about time i put up some pregnancy vs postpartum pics. Here i am at 35 weeks, 39 weeks, 41 weeks pregnant and then 1 day postpartum. 6 weeks have flown by since my baby bear entered the world. I was full term during the height of the summer, swollen beyond belief and carrying a hell of a lot of baby and water weight. I felt gross and nasty but looking back my body is amazing! I have been able to carry 2 babies despite having a dodgy ticker and #endometriosis

At just 5ft and a husband of 6ft4, my baby was on the 98th centile. I had a very quick labour where I didnt even push, there iuuwas literally no space and he just came out all on his own. My birth story will be up on my blog this afternoon (link in bio).

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Daddy bear and I

Last night I slept next to my husband for the first time in 3 weeks. He gets up at 5am for work so having a newborn in the bedroom was not ideal. But now the #babybear has outgrown the moses basket he has moved into the #nursery It was indeed lovely to fall asleep next to my #husband again. Although it has been nice not having to worry about waking him up in the middle of the night. Or those nights when it has been like chinese torture trying to settle a colicky newborn who understand his own farts 😂. We’ve made it through, and heres to a lifetime of falling asleep next to each other!

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Poorly bear and colicky newborn

Well today has been taxing! Along with a colicky baby who has been up the last 2 nights non stop, I now have a poorly toddler. One who certainly does not want to share me with his new brother.

Guilty does not even come close to how I have felt today.

But I made it through smiling. Even managed to bath both boys. Now I’m just waiting for the #husband to get home to hopefully rub my back (one can only dream 😂). Let see what tonight brings








Last night I went out! 4 weeks since Rafe entered the world and I went out! No Husband, no kids, just me!

I didnt pluck my eyebrows or bleach my moustache and I’m pretty sure I had some unwashed shampoo in my hair but I went OUT!

I managed it out the front door out only 5 minutes later than I had planned but I made it out the warm fuzzy confines of the house. Walking to the car was oddly unsettling. I had only one bag, an actual handbag, and no children attached to any of my limbs!

It felt liberating! However that feeling lasted just under 5 minutes. By the time I was driving to Canterbury I was debating whether I really wanted to go to the theatre. The tickets for which had been purchased 18 months previously.

I sat through an amazing production of Warhorse, while picturing my baby bears little cheeks and missing having him curled up like a prawn on my shoulder.

Then I started to debate whether my husband could handle both the boys for bedtime. Especially after a long day at work. Who am I kidding, they will be fine. He will of course have heard every word I said when I was giving him my “handover”.

I was wrong! I came home to a baby who was still in a vest for bed and his sleepsuit was on the bed, exactly where I left it. Great, that meant I would have to dress a hungry baby at 1.30am! Joy!

Nevertheless, I went out! I smelt the fresh country air walking to the car! I saw my friends and had a great time.

I went OUT!

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